Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm a Slacker

Well um... I haven't made a blog post for over a year now, I guess it is time for an update!

This summer Gage joined a competition baseball team, it was a great learning and growing experience for him!  They played double headers every Saturday for eight weeks. 

  Gage also decided to join a Jr. Posse Club with a friend, Jr. Posse is similar to 4H, the kids learn to ride horses and compete in queen/cowboy contests and do arena games ( poles, barrels, keyhole, water race, etc)  Gage really loved Posse, and grew so much in his ability to ride and take care of a horse.  He competed in the Cowboy contest and was awarded with a belt buckle the #1 cowpuncher in his posse.  He got to go to several events for cherry days in  North Ogden and Pioneer Days in Ogden.  It was lots of fun and some really late nights!  Gage along with Kory also got to ride with the Jr.Posse in the 4th of July parade in Hooper.  At the end of year party Gage was awarded with a trophy and ribbon his group won in the Keyhole event, along with a ribbon for Grand Entry.  Their Posse even won a trophy for having the most points at the pioneer days event.

 This summer Gage also took  on some responsibility and began mowing some lawns to earn a little money. We have also been using him to babysit while Kory and I go out.  He took and passed hunters education class and went on his first grouse hinting trip up at our cabin and filled his limit within a couple hours, he was such a good shot! Finally this September he turned 11 and graduated from Cub Scouts!
 He has done a awesome job learning responsibility and growing into a great young man.

Broc has also been busy this summer.  He is such a good easy going kid I don't know how I got so lucky!  Broc spent a lot of time with us at posse events and was great to keep an eye on Macy.  He also went for a couple horse rides with Kory and I at scare canyon, he rode pony until she was wore out! Broc played Rec Baseball and loved it.  Broc is such a people pleaser, and easily makes friends.  He was busy swimming and playing with friend all summer.  Broc also learned some responsibility and started mowing our lawn.  Broc is a all star student at school and gets great grades.Broc just turned 8 and is preparing to get baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, such a big choice he is making and he is so excited to be making it!

Macy had a big summer, starting with a big dance recital in June, it was her first time dancing on a big stage (Weber State auditorium) in front of lots of people and she did great!! Sadly 5 days  later she had a big turn of events... she climbed on the fence to the horse corral in our backyard to pet our horse Rusty and he came over and bumped her off with his nose.  This fall from 2 1/2 feet up broke her leg. She had a spiral double fracture to her Tibia.  She was in a splint for 1 week and then a cast for 6 weeks. Luckily our orthopedic surgeon Dr Hendry (LOVED HIM) applied a waterproof cast, so that meant she could go swimming, get in the bathtub and anything else that you can do in the water as long as it was "Clean" water.  they told me "no running, jumping, climbing, try and keep weight off it!" I reminded them thay were asking that of a 3 year old haha!! It took about 5 weeks until she would put any pressure on her leg, so until then we carried her around, she would crawl, or even slide around on her bum.  Once it was mostly healed she would walk run and dance on it.  She even was able to take swimming lessons the last week she had it on.  I am thankful it only took 6 weeks to heal (longest 6 weeks of our summer!)!!
 Splint applied
 Grandpa Heslop coloring with her
 Applying the Waterproof part
 She chose PURPLE!!
 Such a Cute little cast, and they gave her a cast shoe! She loves shoes, so we still have it and have added it to her collection!
 Not playing on the slip and slide because it was dirty water
trying not to get cast in dirty water!

After this our summer went fast, and before we knew it school was ready to start.
Gage is in 5th grade, Broc in 2nd, and Macy started her first year of preschool!

Kory has been working in Vernal all summer, they are building a Vernal town center (strip mall) it is a big deal for Vernal.  He leaves early monday morning and comes home for the weekend on friday.  It has been an adjustment to him being gone but we have handled it very well!

Sorry for not keeping up the blog, I will try to improve! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Please Stay Longer!!

We have had a great summer.  We have been on a few camping trips, both boys played baseball, going on horse rides, Played with friends, Gone to scout camp, been up to the cabin, been to my moms Park City condo, taken swimming lessons, and of course spent time swimming!! We have been pretty busy this summer! We are looking forward to squeezing in a few more camping trips, going hunting, BIRTHDAYS for all 3 kids and some more horse riding.  We got a new horse named "General" he is a great kids horse and Gage has been riding him around town here.  His name is fitting for him because he is a BIG horse, aroung 16.5 hands tall and weighs probably 1500 lbs, but is gentle for the kids to ride.   Here are a couple pics of one camping trip we went on and took the horse and pony on... we also borrowed Korys brothers (Alexs) Donkey and Gage rode him (this was before we got General)   We went down to the mountains east of filmore to the Pavant mountain range, with Mike & Tiff and their kids and Grandpa Joe we also rode four wheelers!!  School starts in 10 days... can't believe it, but both boys are excited to see their friends every day again, and getting back into a routine wouldn't hurt any of us either!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I can"t wait for spring to officially get here,  so I can get peas planted in the garden and various other things started that have been waiting for winter to be over to get started on.   I cant wait to start going camping and other fun things like that too.  The kids are finished with being cooped up in the house.   WHERE ARE YOU SPRING??!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Big Girl In The House

Well December flew by and so did January, Christmas was wonderful and we had a great New Year! Within that month we seem to have achieved major milestones in the last month. Happy to report we are now a diaper free home. I started potty training Macy the week before Christmas, and much to our excitement she did wonderful and really grasped the concept... within 2 weeks she would tell us when she needed to go potty, and now she can get herself onto the potty and does what she needs to!!

Also no more crib!
Katie and Mike found out they are expecting the first part of Aug, I told her she could have the crib and so it went and Macy moved into a queen size bed!!  The queen size is a little extreme but i got it for a great deal at a yard sale (only paid $25 for it and Katie was getting rid of a mattress) so I couldn't pass it up PLUS it is so much more comfortable than a toddler bed!!
Gage and Broc are still loving school and doing very well!  Kory recently reported he has another hernia :(  he tells the kids his guts are falling out.  That will be getting taken care of within the next month hopefully!!

Monday, December 13, 2010 - Boat becomes unhitched on I-15, causes wreck - Boat becomes unhitched on I-15, causes wreck

On our way home from Las Vegas this year we came upon this... We had my Brother-in-law with us who is a EMT and we were the first on the scene.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

?? Blizzard ?? Chickens ??

Here we are once again at this WONDERFUL time of year.   The Christmas shopping is done and we are gearing up for a great winter. We were a little disappointed in the huge blizzard storm that was supposed to come last night, but also a little glad it wasn't worse than it was!!
Also the kids and I have started raising chickens... What the??  It all started on the fourth of July when Gage caught a chicken at the chicken scramble.  He caught a chicken, brought it home, named it KEVIN (the birds name on UP if you haven't seen it you need to) and let it go in the yard! If you dont know much about chickens it is hard to tell what gender they are until about 4-6 months...  Well one day around Halloween Gage was putting away some toys under my lilac bushes and found...


There were 20 eggs!  (Kevin's a GIRL)   Grandpa Heslop bought them from Gage for $5 and this is where it started.   I started reading about chickens and how they usually only lay eggs when they are happy and not alone.  I figured with winter coming things might change with Kevin's egg laying if he didn't have "friends" .  So to make a long story short, We now have a total of 7 young chickens and the kids have started selling the eggs to their Grandmas and Grandpas and saving the money!

I am thankful for my kids and the fun experiences we get into, and also Thankful for Kory for allowing us to get into them!!


Saturday, October 16, 2010


Well it is happening my baby is no longer my baby... she is officially a TODDLER!  This week was full of fun, we took the kids to the Zoo Saturday  instead of doing birthday parties (and spent time with family hehe)... We had a lot of fun.  It was Macys first time to the Zoo, she loved seeing the "epalant" and the monkeys and gorilla too.  Then On Monday Broc got to have his special day at kindergarten, Macy and I went and read his book about me to the kids... We carved pumpkins after school... Later that night we opened presents and had cupcakes.  Tuesday was Macy,s birthday she enjoyed the many phone calls and presents that were brought over, the best was when Broc came in with a gift bag full of candy he had gotten for his birthday, and gave his special present to Macy. What a GREAT big brother!  Happy birthday to two great kids!!  Oh and by the way we are now officially done with binkis!

I told them to look at the camera!

see the Tiger